Kurulus Osman Episode 10 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 10 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 10 with urdu Subtitles 720p HD Watch online or Download.

Episode10 (part1)

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 10 (part1) 720p(Hd

Turkish Series

In Kurulus Osman Episode 10,

Alisar Bey tells what he discovered in the fortress, but, Dundar Bey does not supply Osman Bey to him. Meanwhile, there is a debate among the squaddies and the soldiers of Alisar Bey out of doors the tent. Alisar Bey says it is going to be a fair trial, but Osman Bey says he desires to speak to Sophia head to head. Later, Osman Bey can provide his sword and is going with Alisar Bey.

Salvador says he desires to be a Muslim, but Bamsi Alp does not believe him. Salvador says that if Bamsi Alp does not kill him, he could be his son till the stop of his life. He tells Shadada and will become a Muslim.

Listening to these, Bala Hatun is going to her father and asks about Osman. Sheikh Edebali tells Bala Hatun to keep calm and now not get worried.

Salvador says he is aware of where the gold is they took from the market and will return it. Princess Sophia attempts to get out of the mansion, but Alisar Bey and Osman Bey do now not allow this.

Osman Bey asks permission from Alisar Bey for Salvador to convey the gold back. Bamsi Alp and Salvador got down to get gold. Samsa Bey and the Alps kill the Mongols and capture the gold inside the caravanserai.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 10,

Princess Sophia loses herself within the dungeon. Efendi Yannis learns that Princess Sophia is inside the dungeon and receives angry. Alisar Bey takes his soldiers and is going to the caravanserai.

Princess Sophia takes the knife and starts. The mute and deaf beggar who lives inside the caravanserai attracts the flag of Kayi. Alisar Bey understands that the culprit is Kayis. Princess Sophia fights with the guards within the dungeon and kills them.

Aygul is going to the marketplace and talks to Bala Hatun. With the assist of Nizamettin, Princess Sophia leaves the mansion. Regardless of what her father said, Bala Hatun goes to look at Osman Bey. She asks what is going on. He tells what occurred to Princess Sophia and that Alisar Bey is unreliable.

Osman  offers Bala Hatun a present. Bala Hatun says that she does now not need her father to meet him and asks Osman Bey now not to call her once more. Princess Sophia comes lower back to the citadel and asks how to prevent Alisar Bey. Efendi Yannis disguised as an astrologer and says he will impact Alisar Bey. Bala Hatun comes to her father and desires to explain what Osman Bey did. Sheikh Edebali does no longer approves of his daughter’s movements. And sends his daughter to recognize her mistake.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 10,

Osman and the Alps come lower back to the obvious and speak about the sunnah of Salvador. He decided to distribute the gold from the Mongols to the bad. Boran Alp sings after dinner. Bala Hatun could be very upset because she does now not listen to her father’s phrase. Nobody can explain how Princess Sophia escaped. Dundar Bey does no longer needs Aygul to marry Alisar Bey.

Dundar Bey begins to speak at the assembly and distributes the tasks in the plain. Gunduz Bey might be responsible for the commercial and monetary affairs of the plain. Batur Alp may be the top of the Alps. And Osman Bey could be Dundar Bey’s deputy chief.

Gunduz Bey prepares to go to the marketplace and sets off. Alisar Bey over again visits Sheikh Edebali in his save. Alisar Bey gives a partnership to Sheikh Edebali.

Dundar Bey says he’s going to now not provide Aygul to Alisar Bey. Sheikh Edebali asks what Alisar Bey desires for this partnership. Gunduz Bey and the Alps stop via a river to rest.

when Osman Bey responds to Dundar’s offer, he learns that his brother, Gunduz Bey, came to the plane with injuries.

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