Kurulus Osman Episode 14 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 14 with urdu Subtitles 720p HD Watch online or Download

Episode 14(part1)

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 14(part1) 720p(Hd)

Episode 14(part2)

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 14(part2) 720p(Hd)

Turkish Series

In Kurulus Osman Episode 13,

Commander Balgay comes to Osman. But that is also a dream of Osman. Batur comes to Osman Bey and asks what came about.

Zohre tells that his son left the plain and has no wish other than Balgay. Balgay asks what’s going to Zohre do to save you Batur from dying. Zohre tells that she can deliver Osman and Sheikh Edebali to shop Batur’s life. Balgay accepts this offer. Dundar eats with his daughter in his tent, blind to everything.

He asks him now not to fear and says that he has already planned everything. Bamsi Bey arrives while Samsa and the Alps plan towards a likely Mongolian assault. He says that he heard what came about and turned into very disillusioned. Samsa says what Osman Bey did and says that the consider among them is over. Bamsi bet attempts to change Samsa’s choice, but Samsa’s decision does not change.

Dundar tells that he exiled Osman in order not to harm his loyalty to Commander Balgay. Balgay likes this situation. he tells Dundar Bey that he’s not a proxy, but a true Kayi leader, and gives him gold. Balgay is going further and makes Dundar the Sanjak(border) Bey. Later, the commander Balgay offers Dundar Bey the Mongolian flag and tells him to put it on his plain.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 13,

Osman Bey and the Alps get dressed like Mongolian soldiers and go to the secret location in the forest. Osman Bey sees Dundar Bey speak with the Mongols and receives very angry. Zohre comes back to the plain and needs to talk to Selcan Hatun. Zohre tells Selcan that Bahadir will come to the apparent and gives her easy garments to deliver to Batur.

Who turned into Savci Bey? why he is not shown in Kurulus Osman but?

In Kurulus Osman Episode 13,
He then says he’s the border chief. Osman Bey plans to take Genghis Khan’s laws returned in the order that Balgay does not become stronger. Dundar Bey says that the whole lot can be better now and suggests the gold he got from the Mongols.

Selcan Hatun involves Dundar Bey and gets very angry due to what he has done. Balgay leaves his tent and goes to his visitors. Osman Bey, who wants to take this possibility, enters Balgay’s tent. Then Osman Bey takes the chest and can provide it to Balgay.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 13,

Balgay vows to kill Osman Bey. Zohre and Dundar argue over again. The soldiers say that is Dundar Bey’s order. Kongar comes to Balgay and tells that Samsa and Osman aren’t near now.

In Kurulus Osman Episode thirteen,
Bamsi Bey comes to Osman Bey and tells them that Dundar Bey is the new sanjak Bey. Hearing this, Osman Bey could be very angry with Dundar Bey. Meanwhile, Salvador comes. when Bamsi Bey sees him, he gets very indignant and attacks him. Salvador says he has now not betrayed and stops them. Osman Bey catches up on the last second and saves Salvador. Salvador tells what came about inside the castle.

Osman Bey says that he will visit supply the chest and asks the alps to be ready. Princess Sophia involves Balgay and says that she knows what Osman Bey did. Balgay says that he will do what Princess Sophia says and asks what she needs to go back. Sophia says Balgay will understand what she needs. Samsa brings together the Beys in the plain and talks about what Dundar Bey has finished. Samsa says they may fight the Mongols.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 13,

Osman Bey stands somewhere within the forest and opens the chest, however, the chest is empty. someone betrayed Osman Bey. This traitor is Batur.

Osman Bey receives angry and units out to kill Batur. Bala Hatun meets Selcan Hatun and tells him that Osman Bey does not accept as true with her. Selcan Hatun calms down Bala. Cerkutay sees Selcan and Bala speaking after which begins following Bala.

Osman Bey comes to the plain and destroys the pole with the Mongolian flag putting. Osman Bey gets angry because Batur betrayed him and says he can pay for it.

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