Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 18, Episode 45 Urdu & English Subtitles Full Hd

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 18 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download Full(Hd)

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 18, Episode 45 Urdu & English Subtitles Full Hd

Publish Date: Wednesday, 10 february 2021

Season 2
Episode 18(Full)

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 18 Hd Quality

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Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 18 (Episode 45) Urdu & English Subtitles Full Hd Free Download.

Turkish Historical series

In Kurulus Osman Episode 45,
Osman says he’ll take Bayhoca returned no matter what. Nikola comes to a decision to send Bayhoca to Iznik and sends him with Alexander. when Savci hears this news, he straight away wants to save his son, but Osman says it is a trap. Later, Osman and the Alps attack the Byzantine soldiers who are going to Iznik. Savci thinks the person on the horse is his son Bayhoca, but Flatyos comes out from under the cover. Flatyos attack Savci. And other soldiers hiding within the vehicles start attacking the Turks. Helen tells Nikola that Ariton helped Osman escape from the fortress. Alexander orders all soldiers to attack.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 18,

Nikola says he’ll kill Ariton and his daughter. Ariton sneaks a knife into his hand, yet Nikola kills him there. Ariton’s daughter is going to the dungeon and offers Bayhoca a knife to escape. Yet Helen learns she is inside the dungeon. Helen kills Ariton’s daughter. Nikola calls Bayhoca and tells him that Flatyos stabbed Savciy. Bayhoca assaults Nikola with a knife, but, Flatyos stops him. Selcan and the women on the plain start to prepare medicines for Savci. Hazal says that Osman began to lose. Osman regrets that he did what his brother desired. in the meantime, Cerkutay and a few Alps bring the dead body of Ariton to the plain.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 44,

Nikola says that if Osman does not surrender Kulucahisar tomorrow, Bayhoca will die. Osman tells all people what Nikola desires. First, Bamsi and then Gunduz say they do no longer need to present the fort. Dundar also does no longer want to present the fort. Osman thinks for a second and says they may evacuate the fort. Lena writes a letter to Savci and is going to see her son. Bamsi gadgets to what Osman stated, but Osman sends Dundar to speak to Nikola. Savci wakes up and reads Lena’s letter. Bamsi keeps challenging Osman’s decision. Gunduz tries to calm them down. in the meantime, Savci comes and tells Osman that Lena is going to the castle.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 44, Savci thank you, Osman, for his choice and asks him not to provide the fort. Osman calms his brother and says he will save anyone. Lena begs Flatyos to see her son. Lena tells Flatyos to lose Bayhoca and take her captive. He asks Lena to stay with him in the fortress. Lena accepts this provide and Flatyos goes to talk to Nikola. Dundar comes to the fortress and says that Osman will deliver Kulucahisar. Lena tries to kill herself, but Flatyos stops her. a few Alps communicate about Osman’s decision. in the meantime, Aygul comes and says that she will be able to obey Osman’s orders regardless of what.

In Kurulus Osman Episode forty-four,

Alexander and the Byzantine soldiers seek everywhere inside the fort. Alexander then sends information to Flatyos to release the prisoners. Flatyos frees Bayhoca and Lena. As Byzantine soldiers roam the streets, Aygul attacks them. Then Yavlak and the Alps pop out in their hiding location and begin attacking. while Alexander attempts to figure out what’s going on, Osman attacks him. everything is Osman’s plan from the very start. The Alps kill the Byzantine soldiers in the streets and take action to assist Osman. Alexander attacks Osman.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 44,

Osman takes the castle again from the infidels and sets out to return to the plain. Aksu comes to Bala and starts to tell her the dream he had. Aksu says she can go back to Sogut, yet, Bala tells her that she needs to live on the plain. As Nikola prepares to celebrate, the soldiers bring Alexander’s head. meanwhile, Petrus comes and offers his consolation to Nikola. Nikola gets irritated and asks him what he needs from Osman. Petrus says that the future of the Turks depends on Osman. Petrus gives Idris some drugs and asks him to give them to Bamsi. Flatyos goes to the forest to speak to Sargin, yet Targun comes out of the tent. Targun says he killed Sargin with Goktug. while Osman despatched Goktug from the plain, Targun saw him and supplied him an activity.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 44,

Osman plans to offer the Turks a new state and place of origin under the brand new flag. Savci gets angry with what Bayhoca has done and slaps him. Dundar could be very angry because Osman’s plan worked yet Hazal attempts to give him some ideas. at the same time as having dinner that night, Osman talks about the brand new events. At that point, Kumra Abdal comes and asks everybody why they are sitting. Kumra Abdal tells that Sheikh Edebali is coming. Bala is very satisfied when he learns that his father is about to reach.

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