Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 24, Episode 51 Urdu & English Subtitles Full HD

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 24 with Urdu Subtitles Free Download Full(Hd)

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 24 (Episode 51) Urdu & English Subtitles Full Hd

Publish Date: Wednesday, 25 March 2021

Season 2
Episode 24(Full)

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 24 Hd Quality

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Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 24 (Episode 51) Urdu & English Subtitles Full Hd Free Download.

Disturbed via Malhun Hatun and Umur Bey’s joblessness. Osman Bey devises a smart plan for a prisoner alternate.


Osman Bey, who known at the Turkish camps to gather under his banner. Sets out to set up his military to overcome İnegöl fortress. Umer Bey comes with Nikola underneath his plan to keep his daughter. Despite all warnings of Osman Bey. Nikola makes a proposal to Umur Bey for Malhun Hatun’s life.

WILL OSMAN BEY’S call respect?

Will Osman Bey give up Yarhisar Tekfuru to keep Malhun Hatun?
How will Turkish gents respond to Osman Bey’s call? What type of provider will Nikola make to Umer Bey? How will the troops from Constantinople exchange the balances within the frontier?

In Kurulus Osman Episode 51,

Togay says he desires to kill Osman. Petrus says that Lord Nikola will assist Togay in this rely. Osman asks Bala to heal Malhun. He tells what Togay did to the alternative Beys in the plain. Cerkutay follows the path inside the forest and finds a few Mongolian soldiers. Aygul and the Alps assault the Mongolian soldiers within the wooded area. Cerkutay sees his friend Suci and tells them no longer to kill him.

Meanwhile, Nikola comes to Inegol and orders all the lords to send their soldiers to assault Sogut. Cerkutay brings Suci to the plain and Osman interrogates him to find out wherein Togay is. Togay is going to Inegol castle. Nikola says he’s going to do something to kill Osman and he’s going to help Togay. 

He says that he’s going to let Nikola stay in the situation that he makes use of the Byzantine squaddies and leaves. Cerkutay thinks about his buddy Suci and remembers that he saved his life earlier than. Aygul realizes that something is incorrect in Cerkutay and asks him what passed off.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 51,

Cerkutay says he misses the forests and desires to return there. Dundar sees all enemies of Osman united and receives excitement. Umur asks him how long he’ll wait. Cerkutay and Suci run away together. Dundar says that the traitor among them is Cerkutay and this is why they have had problems for a long time. Aygul tells everyone what Cerkutay said the day earlier than.

Bamsi can’t recognize why Cerkutay betrayed him. Osman says he’s going to find the traitor and deliver the important punishment. Suci results in Cerkutay’s Mongolian base within the wooded area. Cerkutay takes them to an area with Turks to benefit the acceptance as true with of Togay. Mongolian soldiers attack the Turks, but this is Osman’s lure. Soon after, Togay learns that everything becomes a entice and he lost lots of his soldiers.

Osman visits Umur again and tells him that they’re getting toward catching Togay. Osman asks Boran to follow Malhun . Umer decides to find Togay on his personal. While Nikola is planning to take over Sogut, a priest comes and tells him that he have to visit church greater. As Nikola is ready to kill the priest, Togay comes and tells him he’s going to deliver him to Sogut. Togay offers Nikola a map of the tunnels in Sogut. 

In Kurulus Osman Episode 51,

Osman learns that Nikola is speaking to Togay and even looking to carry the other lords together. He says he’ll use lord Aris to break the alliance among the lords. Umer plans to take Togay by way of speaking to Nikola. Malhun asks her father for permission to visit Inegol fortress as an ambassador. Abdurrahman and Davud visit the hotel to listen to what Sheikh Edebali said.

Tomorrow, while Malhun and the Alps are going to Inegol castle, one of Osman’s soldiers sees her. Osman takes his soldiers and is going to the woodland with them. He tells the Alps that the use of the thoughts in conflict is as important as the use of a sword. Malhun receives rid of the soldier who followed her and goes to Inegol fort by myself. 

She says she desires to capture Togay, but Nikola asks her what she can give in go back. Meanwhile, he involves the castle. Osman assaults lord Aris and kills his soldiers. Gunduz grabs Aris and ties his arms. She attacks Togay, but he stops her. Nikola says that they could take Osman through the use of Malhun and prevents Togay. Osman and his soldiers go back to the plain. He orders Aris to be taken to the tent and learns that Malhun has finished something secret.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 51,

Dundar becomes uncomfortable with what Osman did. Osman is going to his tent and asks anybody to exit. Aris is very surprised by the way of this situation and starts to listen to Osman. Later, Osman starts consuming with Aris. Osman starts talking about change and asks how plenty tax Nikola gets from the buyers. 

He tells Aris that if he stops working with Nikola, he will let him live and even make a new business deal with him. meanwhile, Togay comes to the plain alone. Osman comes out of his tent and asks Togay why he got here. Togay says he has captured Malhun and wants the lord to go back. Togay tells Osman the meeting location and time.

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