Mandirman Jalaluddin Season 1 Episode 7 With Urdu Subtitles Full HD

Mandirman Jalaluddin Season 1 Episode 7 With Urdu Subtitles Full HD

Mandirman Jalaluddin Season 1 Episode 7 With Urdu Subtitles Full HD

Season 1
Episode 7(Full)

Mandirman Jalaluddin Season 1 Episode 7 (Hd)

Mandirman Jalaluddin Season 1 Episode 7 With Urdu Subtitles

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Jalaluddin goes to the house inside the marketplace to help Akshah. Behram tries to kill Akshah by using capturing an arrow from the roof of the house but fails. Jalaluddin and his bodyguards begin chasing Behram. Aycicek tells Kutlu to live along with her after the last events within the palace. Kutlu thinks when she can see her brother once more and is unhappy. 

several rogue-searching guys rescue a boy from Mongolian soldiers. And take him someplace else. Jalaluddin chases Behram but can not capture him. Akshah says the man who escaped from them may be very risky. And returns to the palace with Jalaluddin. The boy kidnapped using the bandits is Kutlu’s brother. Turkan asks one of the soldiers approximately the readiness of the military. And the other commanders.

And desires to act earlier than them. Timur sends a message to tell Jalaluddin what he has discovered. Mihri says that no one is left within the palace and that she misses her son. Mihri later says she can help Turkan and hugs her son Uzlagshah. Shirin tells Turkan that Jalaluddin will marry Kutlu and so there may be no place for her in the palace anymore. 

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Turkan may be very angry with Jalaluddin’s choice and asks Shirin what she wants to do. After a brief at the same time, Behram is going to the palace and desires to gift armor to Jalaluddin. Behram wears the armor within the lawn of the palace and Jalaluddin offers an arrow to Kutlu. The armor that Bahram wears protects him. Jalaluddin says that he will accept Behram’s gift and even provide him a present.

Jalaluddin and Akshah move to talk to the Sultan. Alauddin says that Uzlagshah, whom he sent as an envoy, still has not to lower back to the palace. and that Mihri has gone from the palace. Aycicek notices that Sultan drank too much water and asks for inquiries from the doctor. 

The physician says that Sultan has been below quite a few stress recently. Alauddin congratulates Akshah for what he did. Akshah says he’s sorry for what his mom and brother have executed. Jalaluddin says that he’s searching for a way to prevent this battle. Yet, the Sultan asks him to prepare for the battle. Mihri tells that Uzlagshah may be the new sultan and Shirin need to marry him. Behram is going back to his store and begins thinking about what he noticed within the palace.

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Jalaluddin tells Kutlu that he is upset about the latest events. Kutlu tries to comfort Jalaluddin. Jalaluddin says he’s going to do something unexpected to bring Turkan back. The Mongolian infantrymen sent using Genghis observe the tracks on the street. And try and understand where the boy goes. one of the viziers inside the palace hatches a plan to store Turkan’s soldier in the dungeon. The news sent with the aid of Timur involves the palace. 

Jalaluddin realizes that Turkan is attempting to get rid of Timur. And sends a mystery message to Timur. Turkan comes out of her tent and offers a speech to her soldiers. Turkan says that every one injustice will soon end and Uzlagshah will marry. Alauddin thinks about why his mother wanted to combat a lot and about the betrayal of his son Uzlag. The Sultan believes that everybody is awaiting his death. The Sultan then appears at his throne and remembers what his father said earlier than he died. Jalaluddin tells the vizier that he desires to visit Turkan so that he can change her mind.

Mongolian soldiers locate Kutlu’s brother and attack him to get him back. Jalaluddin leaves the palace with his bodyguards. Turkan says that she is aware Timur’s plan and asks Uzlagshah to prevent him before he is going to his navy. 

In Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode 7,

Many the commanders say they ought to be careful about Jalaluddin. because some of the soldiers are terrified of him. Mongolian soldiers trap Kutlu’s brother and take him to Genghis as possible. Jalaluddin begins speaking in front of everybody. And tells them that he wants to use the sword in his hand in opposition to the Mongols.

Jalaluddin says he got here here to make peace and starts talking to Turkan. Jalaluddin tells Turkan that if she wants war, she can attack him there. Turkan says that Jalaluddin behaved with dignity. Jalaluddin alternatives up his sword from the ground. And asks Turkan to consider her promise to the Sultan. That night time, one among Turkan’s commanders tries to break out from the palace’s dungeon. Turkan tells that Jalaluddin is making plans for something. 

And cancels the task she gave Uzlagshah in advance. Turkan wants to attack with Uzlag. Vizier Nizam captures Semseddinbek and the commander seeking to escape. Genghis tells one of his commanders to go to the town and watch the conflict between the Turks. Turkan receives on her horse and says it is time to attack. Alauddin speaks to his brave squaddies and tells them that they have got to defend the town regardless of what.

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