Mandirman Jalaluddin Season 1 Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitles Full Hd

Mandirman Jalaluddin Season 1 Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitles Full HD

Mandirman Jalaluddin Season 1 Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitles Full HD

Season 1
Episode 8(Full)

Mandirman Jalaluddin Season 1 Episode 8 (Hd)

Mandirman Jalaluddin Season 1 Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitles

In Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode 8,

Aycicek prays to Allah with Kutlu and asks for His assist. Jalaluddin says that the Sultan is ready to guard the palace and the city. He continues to speak and says that Timur will do something to guard the town too. Jalaluddin begs his grandmother to stop for the closing time, but Uzlagshah makes a laugh at him.

Jalaluddin invites Uzlagshah to fight one on one. Uzlagshah starts to fight with his brother, despite Turkan’s objections. Jalaluddin defeats Uzlagshah and places his sword in his throat. A soldier from Turkan’s military shoots Jalaluddin inside the chest with an arrow. Behram concerns that Jalaluddin is trying to stop Turkan.

Najm al-Din Kubra asks Turkan what she can do with this type of big army. Najm al-Din Kubra attracts a line at the battlefield using his team of workers. And asks the soldiers to installation a tent. Some commanders start to think that Jalaluddin will punish them after the war. Genghis calls Kutlu’s brother.

Najm al-Din Kubra says that the Mongols will attack soon and the whole Islamic world is at risk. Turkan begins to inform about Alauddin’s mistakes and disregards them.

In Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode 8,

Jalaluddin then kisses Turkan’s hand. And gives a gift to the soldier who delivered this news. Turkan then speaks to her soldiers and tells them that there may be no need to fight anymore. A shaman starts to hope in the front of Genghis’s tent and kneels to Kutlu’s brother.

Aycicek learns that there’s no war and that Turkan will go back to the palace. Najm al-Din Kubra, on his manner to the city with Jalaluddin, warns him of destiny wars. And be very careful about the people inside the palace. Najm al-Din Kubra tells Jalaluddin that he ought to visit the palace now and will meet him later. Behram writes a letter to Uzlagshah. And advises him to meet with him if he desires to become a Sultan inside the future.

Alauddin tells Uzlagshah that he made a huge mistake and asks him to stay away for some time. A Mongolian secret agent goes to Behram’s keep. Jalaluddin comes at the same time as Kutlu is to Aycicek about her circle of relatives. Jalaluddin gives Kutlu a rose that he sold from the little lady. spy asks Behram to do something positive about Jalaluddin. as the secret agent leaves the shop, he asks Behram for a soldier uniform.

In Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode eight,

Behram says that this guy is Subutai, the commander of Genghis. all through the meal, Turkan starts to think about how to power Kutlu away from the palace. in the meantime, Aycicek asks Kutlu when she will be able to marry Jalaluddin. Uzlagshah unearths the note hidden beneath his glass and reads it. Jalaluddin meets with Najm al-Din Kubra at a riverside place and begins to pay attention to him.

Najm al-Din Kubra tells him a life story. Jalaluddin asks for a way to higher governing the country and he listens to Kubra’s advice. And says that she can change the order inside the palace any further. Turkan says they’ll build an army inside the city and calls Mihri.

Turkan then calls Shirin and asks her to offer birth to Uzlagshah’s child without delay. Aycicek tells Jalaluddin that he should marry Kutlu as soon as workable. Behram says he desires to make Uzlagshah the new heir to the throne, but, Uzlagshah doesn’t accept it as true with him.

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