Mandirman Jalaluddin Season 1 Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitles Full Hd

Mandirman Jalaluddin Season 1 Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitles Full HD

Mandirman Jalaluddin Season 1 Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitles Full HD

Season 1
Episode 9(Full)

Mandirman Jalaluddin Season 1 Episode 9 (Hd)

Mandirman Jalaluddin Season 1 Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitles

Alauddin asks which Jalaluddin is. Akshah says that Jalaluddin left the palace to finish a few words, but the Sultan may be very angry. Turkan asks Shamsiddinbek to study the Mongols.

And sends a soldier to find Jalaluddin. Turkan asks Uzlagshah where he went final night time, but Uzlag lies to her. Turkan realizes that Uzlagshah is hiding something. And attempts to pick out a day for his wedding. Jalaluddin reveals the soldiers he is looking for.

Jalaluddin says he desires to talk to the soldiers and persuades them. Akshah is going undercover and goes to the market. An old lady goes to Behram’s save and tells him that she will be able to visit the palace. The old woman says that a girl who got here to the palace from afar caused a lot of problems.

Jalaluddin tells the soldiers about their crime and tells them that he will take them to a safe location. Turkan calls Shirin’s father to the palace. Turkan plans to apply Mahmud to talk with Genghis. Genghis speaks to his commanders. And plans to apply resources in China to give his military greater resources.

In Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode 9, 

The old female shows Behram the poisonous snake in her bag. And shortly thereafter, Kutlu involves the shop. Akshah sees the old girl leaving the store. Behram asks Kutlu what Jalaluddin has executed, but he can not get an answer from her. one of Behram’s men sees Akshah looking at the store and takes a motion to assault him.

Subutai attacks Jalaluddin and tries to kill him. Akshah gets rid of the person who attacked him. Mihri Cihan says that they’ll get rid of Kutlu soon. although Turkan does now not like this plan, she approves the plan to cast off Kutlu. Behram tells Kutlu to bring extra information or Genghis will kill Jahangir.

Behram learns that Akshah is following Kutlu. And receives very irritated along with her. Subutai realizes he’ll lose the battle and retreats along with his surviving soldiers. Akshah enters the store Kutlu entered, but can’t see all of us there. Behram says he will no longer do something about Akshah for now. Jalaluddin tries to help his injured bodyguards. The commander captured by using Jalaluddin also starts to assist the wounded soldiers.

Aycicek attempts to find out in which Kutlu went. Mihri is going to Alauddin’s room and tells him that she went to Turkan’s tent to exchange her decision. Mihri later said that Turkan did not allow her to cross and apologized to Alauddin. Aycicek sees Mihri hugging the Sultan and right away leaves the room. Jalaluddin frees the commander. Shamsiddinbek tells Uzlag that he became investigating the errors Nizam made before.

In Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode 9, 

Uzlagshah still thinks about what Behram informed him. Shirin sees Kutlu within the lawn of the palace. And asks her what form of relationship she has with Jalaluddin. Kutlu warns Shirin for what she said. Aycicek slaps Shirin for the rude matters she stated. Turkan sees all that takes place and sends everybody to their rooms. Jalaluddin says that he will visit the palace and send a doctor to heal the wounded. The old lady sneaks into the palace and gives the bag in her hand to a soldier.

Uzlagshah goes to speak to Behram once more that night. Genghis starts talking to this girl about the beyond. Mihri starts speaking to Akshah and warns him approximately his brothers. Akshah says he’s going to only defend what’s right.

Akshah thinks about what Kutlu has finished for some time. Jalaluddin arrives at the palace. And without delay orders the doctors to put together for the adventure. Kutlu is going to bed to sleep. Jalaluddin then is going to speak to the Sultan. Alauddin asks Jalaluddin wherein he went and what he did. Jalaluddin starts to tell his father what he did after the soldiers inside the room went out. Sultan asks Jalaluddin why he hasn’t said these earlier than.


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