Mendirman Jalaloddin Season 1 Episode 11 With Urdu Subtitles Full Hd

Mendirman Jalaloddin Season 1 Episode 11 With Urdu Subtitles Full HD

Mendirman Jalaloddin Season 1 Episode 11 With Urdu Subtitles Full HD

Season 1
Episode 11(Full)

Mendirman Jalaloddin Season 1 Episode 11 (Hd)

Mendirman Jalaloddin Season 1 Episode 11 With Urdu Subtitles

Jalaluddin goes to Behram’s save and starts asking him questions. Jalaluddin says that he’ll marry Kutlu and invites Behram to his wedding ceremony. Behram is very happy with this invitation and tells Shehzade that he’ll make attire for Kutlu. Turkan learns that Shirin’s mom has gotten ill. Shirin begins to cry. Aycicek gives the fabric that Jalaluddin sold to Kutlu. Aycicek asks Kutlu to start getting ready for the marriage. Behram realizes that Jalaluddin discovered the whole lot. And right now Genghis sends information.

Behram says he’s going to kill Jalaluddin. Turkan learns that Jalaluddin is on the brink of marrying Kutlu. Jalaluddin’s bodyguards start to heal and right away go back to the town. Alauddin says Genghis despatched Subutai. Uzlagshah tells his father that they’ve to kill Genghis’s squaddies.

Shirin thanks Kutlu for saving her lifestyle. Akshah comes whilst Jalaluddin is ready to listen to Kutlu. Akshah tells Jalaluddin that he noticed Kutlu inside the market and what she did. Kutlu asks Jalaluddin to keep her. Jalaluddin starts to assume that Kutlu will confess something. Shirin thanks Uzlag and tells him that once visiting her mom, she can go back to the palace with him.

In Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode 11,

And that Jihangir will die if she does no longer kill Jalaluddin. Aycicek sees Turkan even as wandering around the palace. Turkan says that Jalaluddin selected the wrong bride and did no longer follow her orders. Aycicek says that Jalaluddin isn’t looking to be a Sultan and that he’ll best marry the female he loves. Najm al-Din Kubra then tells human beings how to behave.

Kutlu thinks about a way to marry without her mom, yet, Aycicek says that she is now her mother and embraces her. After speaking to Turkan the day round, Uzlag and Shirin prepare to set out. He says that there may be no agreement within the palace anymore. Jalaluddin asks what he can do to advantage Uzlag’s consider. He asks his brother to end the heirship and leave those lands. Jalaluddin asks if there’s every other way, but Uzlagshah asks him over again to do it. Akshah says that he does now not need to take the throne and that he loves his brothers.

Kutlu says she has secrets and techniques but does now not dare to tell them. Kutlu then receives right into an automobile and goes to the palace with Jalaluddin. Celebrations begin at the palace. All people within the palace give presents to Kutlu . Later, Sultan offers gold to the visitors who come to the marriage. one of the ladies running in the palace poisoned a sherbet.

In Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode 11,

Najm al-Din Kubra prays in front of all of us and says his correct needs for the new couple. Subutai stops Uzlag at the same time as the actions at the side of Shirin. The maid pours the toxic sherbet into one of the glasses on the table.

Subutai attacks Uzlag and his squaddies. Jalaluddin involves the lawn of the palace along with his wife Kutlu. at the same time as he goes to speak to Aycicek, the maid offers her a small bottle of poison. Sheikh prays and everyone starts to devour. Behram watches Jalaluddin at some stage in the marriage. all people liquids sherbet. Uzlag kills all the Mongol soldiers but leaves Subutai alive.

Uzlagshah asks Subutai to tell Genghis that he’ll by no means win. Subutai says Genghis will attack with a big army and kill everybody. Celebrations within the palace preserve until the evening. One of Behram’s men grabs an arrow and pursuits to shoot Jalaluddin. Yet, considered one of Jalaluddin’s bodyguards to kill him. Jalaluddin’s bodyguards kill the treacherous soldiers without everyone seeing them.

In Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode 11,

Behram receives nervous after this incident and begins to worry. no matter some of these events, the celebrations hold without a hitch. while Behram tries to break out, he catches him with Shamsiddinbek. The followers of Behram realize that he has no longer lower back from the palace and say that it’s time to behave. Jalaluddin liquids milk earlier than to Kutlu. He  finally confesses the fact to Jalaluddin. And tells him that she is a secret agent working for Genghis.


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