Nizam-E-Alam Season 1 Episode 12 With Urdu Subtitles Download Here

Nizam-E-Alam Season 1 Episode 12 With Urdu Subtitles Download 720p(Hd)

Nizam-E-Alam Season 1 Episode 12 With Urdu Subtitles Free Download

Season 1
Episode 12(Full)

Nizam E Alam Season 1 Episode 12(Full) 720p(Hd)

This is Nizam-E-Alam Season 1 new best Turkish drama serial in  Urdu Subtitles.

In Nizam-E-Alam Episode 12, Sanjar says that he trusts Melik justice and waits for the trial future day. Melik Shah arrests Sanjar and orders the arrest of his friends also. Seferiye sees Sanjar among the halls of the palace and says to welcome him home. She thinks that Sanjar is alp Arslan, yet, Elcin says she is sick. once Sanjar mentions that he’s from Kinik, Seferiye realizes the facts and prays for the long run of Sanjar.

Rustem loses his necklace and sends somebody to Dukas’ house to seek out it. Dukas’s son Anton finds this necklace and wishes to offer it to Andreas.
Yet, the guards earlier than the house won’t let him. Basulu finds out that Sanjar transferred to the dungeon and realizes that her son has found out. The troopers sent by the Nizam arrive to want Anton, but Anton has already sneaked away.


In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 12,

 Basulu says that if her son is to death, she goes to inform all the facts. whereas Hassan could be angry with Rustem for the missing necklace. He learns that Anton ran far from home. Hassan orders Anton’s snatch and devises a plan to damage Nizam. Khayyam tells Nizam what Basulu said.

Terken learns that Gevher is pregnant, yet, she isn’t happy about this. Rustem hides somewhere in the forest. Khayyam goes to the dungeon and explains to Sanjar that Anton’s necklace is a piece of proof for this case. Later, Turna involves the dungeon and talks to Sanjar. Terken meets a fortune-teller during a secret place within the forest. The fortune teller tells Terken that a replacement woman will become an enemy for her. Terken gets poison from the fortune teller. Sanjar sees Arslantas’ bracelet and learns that he features a brother.

In Great Selcuklu Episode 12,

 Arslantas starts talking about his family. He tells Sanjar how his brother and mother kidnapped. Later, Nizam buys Arslantas, who may be a slave, and trains him. Atlanta’s says he will take revenge on the Fatimids. Terken mixed poison to the oil lamp in the room of Seferiye.

Sultan Melik Shah says he likes Elcin’s music. once Terken sees Melik Shah talk to Elcin, she is very jealous of this example. On the thanks to Elcin’s room, Terken stops her and tells her to stay away from the Sultan. when Sanjar and Arslantas pray to Allah, Tapar comes. Tapar says that Sanjar’s mother doesn’t understand this and might help her. Hassan enters Nizam’s secret room and begins to look around.


In Nizam-E-Alam Episode 12,

 Hassan finds hidden notes below the table and makes copies of them. Tapar visits Basulu that night and tells her that Sanjar is ok. Later, whereas Tapar is eating the dinner that Basulu made, he tells her that he will soon become a father. Basulu is very happy with this news and provides booties to Tapar’s child.

Hassan talks to Behram about what he learned about Nizam’s secret soldiers. it’s discovered that Arslantas’ mother and brother kidnaped by Behram. Hassan says that Rustem’s brother is Arslantas and plans to use this information. Nizam continues to appear for Anton with troopers. Anton fears the Turkish soldiers and runs away into the forest. The Fatimids catch Anton, yet, the Nizam attacks them. Nizam saves Anton and takes the necklace.

In Episode 12,

 Anton tells him that his mother and father were killed. Nizam tells Anton that the state can look out for him that the murderers of his family are aiming to punish him. A court is of up inside the palace, and Ghazali becomes a judge during this court. Sanjar and his friends return to court. Ghazali listens to the complainants first. Byzantine envoy says that Sanjar killed Dukas.
Ghazali asks for proof of these crimes. Byzantine envoy says that Sanjar abducted Dukas, and he free from the court. Sanjar says he kidnapped Dukas to hunt out the relics that Dukas helped Yorgos. Turna speaks as a witness in court. Ghazali blames Sanjar for capture Dukas and inflicting his death. Meanwhile, Basulu stops everybody and tells them that Sanjar is that the son of Melik Shah. yet, this can be often Basulu’s dream then Nizam brings Anton.

In the Great Selcuklu Episode 12, 

Anton provides the necklace of the one who killed his mother. Nizam brings photos of some Fatimids, and Anton tells him that Rustem killed his mother. Nizam then brings the documents he found in Dukas’ house and proves that Ducas is also a traitor.

Ghazali declares Sanjar innocent. Some people inside the madrasa are uncomfortable with what Ghazali did. Sanjar speaks to Melik shah when the trial and tells him yet dangerous the Fatimids are. Melik Shah realizes that the Christians in Europe are returning together. Sanjar says that they’ll find Rustem and get a lot of detailed information about the Fatimids. Hassan realizes yet dangerous the capture of Rustem is and sends a message to use Arslantas. Sanjar talks to Turna first, then his mother, and prepares to travel on his new assignment.

In Episode 12,

 Arslantas receives a secret message about his brother. And supposes that his brother alive. Sanjar asks the Fatimids spy where Rustem is. And learns where Rustem is hiding inside the forest. whereas Elcin is planting rose saplings in the garden of the palace, Melik comes and helps her. Terken sees them speaking whereas eating and gets angry. Sanjar and his friends began to hunt out Rustem, yet, Arslantas is already on his way.

He finds Behram in a cave. Behram shows Arslantas’ brother’s bracelet and tells him that Sanjar can kill his brother. He asks wherever his brother is, and Behram tells him that Rustem is Arslantas’ brother. Nizam and Hassan talk inside the market. Nizam tells Hassan to must care. whereas Terken goes to Elcin’s room and gets very angry beside her. Terken slaps Elcin while attempting to defend herself. Sanjar and his spies realize Rustem and kill the Fatimids there. Sanjar wounds Rustem, and as he’s close to catching him. Atlanta’s shoots Sanjar inside the rear with an arrow.

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