Nizam-E-Alam Season 1 Episode 23 With Urdu & English Subtitles Full HD

Nizam-E-Alam Season 1 Episode 23 With Urdu Subtitles Full Hd

Nizam-E-Alam Season 1 Episode 23 With Urdu & English Subtitles Full HD

Season 1
Episode 23 (Full)

Nizam E Alam Season 1 Episode 23 (Full Hd)

Nizam-E-Alam(Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu) Season 1 Episode 23 English Subtitle Full HD

Nizam-E-Alam(Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu) Season 1 Episode 22 Urdu Subtitle Trailer1 Full HD

This is Nizam-E-Alam Season 1 new best Turkish drama serial in  Urdu Subtitles.

Melik Shah reveals his son Tapar injured and takes motion to take him to the palace right away. at the same time as Sanjar gives new orders to Turna’s infantrymen. Hassan sends his soldiers to the city as traders to take control of the town. Melik Shah regrets slapping his son. Melik Shah asks Sanjar to speak to Albert and make a plan to find Markus.

Sanjar learns that his brother’s condition is very grave, but he cannot do whatever. Basulu is very concerned about Tapar. Tekish involves the palace and asks Tapar about what took place. Melik Shah says that if Tapar dies, he will make Tekish’s existence unbearable.

Tekish says he’s going to do what’s essential as a dynasty member. And talks approximately about Nizam’s past. The Sultan stops their argument and warns Tekish all over again. Nizam comes returned and tells Sultan that the human beings are having hassle paying the tax. Melik Shah decides to make a new calendar for an extra fair series of taxes. Zubeyde talks to the docs and learns that Tapar became saying, mom.

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 23,

Markus and Prince discover that Albert has summoned some soldiers. Prince desires to smash Albert’s plan using Tekish. Zubeyde can’t take it to any extent further and goes to speak to Basulu. Melik Shah talks to Khayyam and asks him to make a more beneficial calendar. Zubeyde brings Basulu to the palace. Basulu holds Tapar’s fingers and talks to him. Terken tells the Sultan that she wants to visit Tapar, but Nizam’s soldiers do no longer permit her. Terken tells him that Zubeyde is creating the problem.

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 22,
In the meantime, a doctor comes and says that Tapar is recovering faster than he predicted. Sultan learns that Sanjar will meet with Albert and immediately takes motion. while Sanjar searches for Albert within the wooded area, the Crusaders attack him. at the same time as Albert asks his soldiers wherein Markus is, Tekish assaults them. Sanjar kills his crusaders and begins trying to find Albert once more.

Tekish first kills the Christian soldiers after which Albert. Sanjar asks Tekish why he did such a component and tells him that he ruined Sultan’s plan. Tekish says he’s now not guilty and gets angry with Sanjar. Sanjar tells Tekish that he made a mistake and the Sultan will provide him the solution. Sanjar realizes that Albert isn’t useless and at once heals his wounds.

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Hassan visits some poor families and offers them bread. Melik Shah goes to the meeting area and asks what passed off. Tekish returns to his tent. After a brief even as Melik Shah comes and asks Tekish which soldiers he attacked Albert. The prince tells Markus that the Emperor is sending new infantrymen from Constantinople.

Markus realizes the new power he has obtained and takes Livya prisoner. even as Melik Shah is talking about Tekish, Nizam comes. And says that Byzantine soldiers will assault the Turkish tribes. Melik Shah says that he’s going to release Kilij Arslan and trade the plan of Byzantium.

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Faysal arrives while Sanjar says that the buddies will take Kilij Arslan to Anatolia. Sanjar tells Faisal to live far from Turna no matter what. Hassan asks Markus to kill Kilij Arslan. Sultan is going to Kilij Arslan and tells him that he ought to assault the Crusaders as soon as workable. And decides to preserve the research she had already initiated about Basulu. Tajul accepts this duty and is going to make research about Basulu. Sultan learns that Tapar is wakeful and right away goes to his room.

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After a short even, Ghazali visits Turna and says that he wants to set up a madrasah within the city. Kilij Arslan receives prepared and sets off with Sanjar. Markus sees the convoy carrying Kilij Arslan and orders his soldiers to assault them. The Sultan gets out of the automobile and attacks Markus. The Turks kill all Markus’s soldiers. Melik Shah attacks Markus and kills him together with his holy spear. The Sultan says that he has avenged his son and that he’ll ruin all the crusaders no matter what.


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