Nizam-E-Alam Season 1 Episode 28 With Urdu & English Subtitles Full HD

Nizam-E-Alam Season 1 Episode 28 With Urdu Subtitles Download (Hd)

Nizam-E-Alam Season 1 Episode 28 With Urdu & English Subtitles Full HD

Season 1
Episode 28 (Full)

Nizam E Alam Season 1 Episode 28(Full Hd)

Nizam-E-Alam(Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu) Season 1 Episode 28 English Subtitle Full HD

Nizam-E-Alam(Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu) Season 1 Episode 28 Urdu Subtitle Trailer1 Full HD

This is Nizam-E-Alam Season 1 new best Turkish drama serial in  Urdu Subtitles.

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 28, 

Hassan traps Basulu and catches her. After the conflict, Sanjar returns to the plain and learns that Basulu goes to the river. Sanjar thinks something would have come about to his mother and sets off immediately. Melik Shah says he won the throne struggle and sends Tekish to the dungeon. Hassan takes Basulu to his secret base and tells her that he is aware of the reality about her.

Basulu disagrees with what he says, but Hassan says that the whole thing is a plan of the Nizam.

Faysal asks his father what his plan is. Sanjar returns to the obvious and starts talking to Livia. Sultan brings Tekish to the garden of the palace and says that he has always forgiven him till this time.

Ali is going to the palace and tells the Sultan that he’s now a Muslim. Melik Shah offers Ali one of his swords as a present. 

In Nizam e Alam Episode 28, 

Sultan begins the ceremony for Tapar and broadcasts him to be the new Emir of Shalamzar. Tapar tells his father that he’ll do his new obligation and prepares to prompt. Hassan alerts his followers to attack and the assault starts. As Faysal and his followers assault the Turkish infantrymen, Mitras involves help them. Faysal takes manage of the metropolis and captures a few Turkish soldiers. 

Ali sees what’s going on inside the town and waits for the proper time to come. In the meantime, Hassan involves town, and thank you Mitras for his assist. Sanjar sees Shalamzar taken over using the Batini’s. After a short while, Tapar and Nizam arrive and study what befell Basulu.

Melik Shah goes hunting with Zubeyde. Meanwhile, Kamac comes and tells the Sultan that the Batini’s have captured Shalamzar. 

As Algan prepares to go to Shalamzar with his soldiers, a traitor some of the soldiers kills him. Tajul tells Terken that Hassan captured Basulu and her actual identification. Terken tells that Basulu has to die no matter what occurs.

Nizam returns to the palace and tells Hassan’s desires to the Sultan. Yet, Melik Shah gets very irritated at this good buy. Nizam says that they can store Basulu using the use of the tunnel leading to one of Faysal’s mines.

 In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 28, 

Terken apologizes to the Sultan for what she had achieved before. And tells him that he did the proper thing by not giving Nizar’s belongings. Tapar and Sanjar recognize that Hassan already knows their plan. Hassan asks them to leave the town and stick with their deal.

Ali sees Sanjar trying to save Basulu. Even as the Sultan wrestles with some soldiers, he receives the name of the game message Ali sent. Melik Shah learns that Sanjar and Tapar have been looking to shop Basulu.

Hassan is happy that his plan worked and orders a party in the town. He comes out of the mansion and walks at the ember in the road. Hassan tells every person that they have defeated the devil’s army and might now live in freedom.

 In Nizam e Alam Episode 28, 

Meanwhile, Faysal says that Tapar is on his way to carry the goods they want. Hassan is going to the assembly area. Tapar says he has delivered what Hassan wishes and asks which Basulu is. Hassan says that a person has already abducted Basulu from the mansion. by order of Sultan, Ali rescues Basulu and units out to take her to the palace. 

But Melik Shah’s soldiers attack them. The Turks kill Hassan’s soldiers. Melik Shah returns to the palace after a brief time and starts to wait for Ali. Ali brings Basulu to the palace. Melik Shah asks Basulu to find the veil on her face and realizes that she is his wife, whom he idea died years in the past.

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