Nizam-E-Alam Season 1 Episode 7 With Urdu Subtitles Download Here

Nizam-E-Alam Season 1 Episode 7 With Urdu Subtitles Download 720p(Hd)

Nizam-E-Alam Season 1 Episode 7 With Urdu Subtitles Free Download

Season 1
Episode 7(Full)

Nizam E Alam Season 1 Episode 7(Full) 720p(Hd)

This is Nizam-E-Alam Season 1 new best Turkish drama serial in Urdu Subtitles.

Firstly, In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 8, Tapar gives a message to his dad that he executed the Fatimids anyway couldn’t see Sanjar. Then, ruler Melik Shah gets the dishonesty of Elcin.

Elcin tells that she is attempting to determine unity between the Turks by finding her brother. After, ruler Melik Shah explains what he did to prevent the rebels, and Elcin regrets it. Further, Elcin says that she’s going to settle for any penalization for her mistake. Moreover, ruler Melik Shah tells her that from currently on he has no ties with Elcin which she is unengaged to go.

Byzantine covert agents discover Tapar and reveal to him that Sanjar is dead. And Tapar kills the Byzantine spies and asks them wherever the Sanjar is. Further, Dai discovers Behram inside the forest and becomes angry with him for missing the relics. Behram asks Dai for an additional chance, however, Dai blinds Behram’s one eye to penalize him. So, Nizam-E-Alam Season one Episode eight Trailer with English / Urdu Subtitle.

Moreover, Dai sends many of his men to search out the relics and Sanjar. Leader Andreas celebrates in the palace because he took the relics from the Turks and Sanjar passed on Yorgos says that the chest mustn’t be within the castle for a while.

Andreas learns that Yorgos is infatuated with a Turki and warns him slightly. ruler Melik Shah calls Terken and asks her however she got the data concerning Elcin. So, Terken Hatun reveals to him that she realized Elcin was a backstabber and followed her. 

Melik Shah gets angry with Terken for spying while not his knowledge however Terken says she’s going to do something for Melik Shah


Basulu Hatun learns from the wounded troopers who came to the plain that her son Sanjar has disappeared or maybe died. whereas Korkut says that Basulu mustn’t understand anything, Basulu returns and asks concerning her then. Basulu says that she gave his son to the state, however, the state lost Sanjar and in real-time set-out.

Nizam analyzes the bolt that began the hearth in Khayyam’s home and understands that there’s an imposing adversary. Terken Hatun orders the businessperson who helped Elcin to die so her spy work won’t come out. The news that Sanjar and also the relics are lost involves Melik Shah. swayer Melik Shah immediately takes action and sets out along with his soldiers.

In Episode 8,

 Ilteber interrogates the rebels he caught and burns their books within the town center. Ghazali shows up and stops Ilteber as he’s near consuming the books and discloses to him he can’t stop the Fatimids like this. Ghazali needs the books to be burned from Ilteber and says he can examine these books. Emeer Ilteber accepts Ghazali’s request.

Fatimids attack the swayer Melik Shah and Seljuk soldiers. Melik Shah stops the aggressors and proceeds with the hunt. At the request of Terken, the business person who helped Elcin was killed by poisoning. 

Nizam al Mulk tells the data he found concerning the people who burned Khayyam’s house to Melik Shah. Sultan Melik Shah talks concerning Sanjar and also the relics. Basalt worries about her son and cries that night.

Seljuk troopers hunt for the Sanjar and the relics all night. Hassan holds a secret meeting and orders his spies to electrify the individuals against the Seljuks. In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 8, Hamadani resumes to talk and gives Sanjar the blazer of his gramps mount Arslan. 

Hamadani asks Sanjar whether or not he needs to figure in Allah’s way, and 1st gives mount Arslan’s coat then his sword. Hamadani takes some water from the watercourse and gives this water to the Sanjar.

Sanjar drinks this water and makes a guarantee to figure for Islam.

Swayer Melik Shah involves the cave and sees Sanjar. Hamadani tells that Sanjar is alive however wants higher treatment. 

Sultan Melik Shah orders Sanjar to be taken to the near Kinik plain and generates with him. Turna learns from her father that Sanjar has disappeared and is incredibly upset about him. 

Dai’s men see that Sanjar is found. Behram says he can take his revenge, and that they attack the Seljuk troopers. Behram opens the duvet on the carriage and realizes that this can be a trap.

After, Sultan Melik Shah and different Seljuk soldiers follow and attack the Fatimids. As Melik Shah is close to attending Kinik, news comes that there’s a revolt. He re-visitations of smothering the insubordination and sends his child Tapar to the Kinik plain with Sanjar. 

 In Nizam-e-Alam Episode 8, As Behram is concerning to be captured by the Seljuk soldiers, Hassan Sabbah arrives and rescues him.

Elcin finally returns to her plain and announces she doesn’t want a fight in the future. Elcin says that so as for things in Anatolia to improve, they need to follow Melik Shah’s orders, however, the Turks in her plain oppose her. She kills one amongst those that came to the meeting and orders everybody to try and do what she says.

Later, Sultan Melik Shah involves the city and calms the individuals by telling them about his actions. The folks that hear Melik Shah calm down. Terken realizes that Firdevs is missing and asks wherever she is, however, Seferiye Hatun tells her that she was questioned.


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